Who We Are

Doing good is good business.


Developing Futures

KFA Digital provides teens and young adults with life and leadership skills through real world experiences in a digital agency.

We have combined hands-on work experience, classroom and software training, and real world client/customer interaction, to develop the foundational tools they need to be successful in the business, technology, and creative industries. 


Changing the Game

We stand for gender equity and providing opportunities for people in refugee communities.

We aim to inspire and mentor high school kids and young adults in refugee communities to follow their dreams in business, technology, marketing & design. Our apprenticeship program gives them real world hands on experience in the industry.

Our mission has always stemmed from providing more opportunities for women and people in marginalized communities to give them an equal footing in the business world.



Our goal is to provide our participants with life long skills that will help build careers for the future.


Our agency helps develop hard skills and soft skills that our participants will use in life. These include: self-confidence, public speaking and communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, character building, and gender equity. Our goal is to develop strong industry professionals that can lead the future.


Our hands on approach teaches participants how to use the software utilized in the industry. We provide an environment that promotes creativity and problem solving. We also bring in industry professionals to teach them about the approaches in photography, videography, and design.


Our goal is to develop leaders that will go on to make a positive influence in the industry, our communities, and others lives.The focus is on business and people relationships, becoming a mentor to their peers, and taking on a lead role with projects and clients.

Business + Entrepreneurship

We inspire all of our participants to explore the business side of the industry and learn the nuances of what it takes to succeed. We inspire the team members in the agency to look at starting their own business with the skills we give them.



Our agency is rooted in providing opportunities to those that have not always had a chance.

The Founder of KFA Digital has over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing. Having worked for corporations and agencies he noticed a real lack of representation of women and people of color in the industry.

After coaching soccer at a high school in St. Paul, Johnson was introduced to many of the refugee communities in the city. He learned about his players and their passions and dreams of being a graphic designer, videographer, or entrepreneur.

In these communities, business, design, and entrepreneurship are not thought of as successful careers. Johnson saw a great opportunity to inspire young students in something they are passionate about while trying to change the demographic of an industry to include more women and refugees.


Karen FA

The Karen Football Association

The Karen Football Association is the official company of KFA Digital. The Karen Football Association (KFA) is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization based in Minnesota. KFA Digital is the media division of the Karen Football Association and works as a separate division of (KFA).

The Karen Football Association (KFA) is the official organization of the Karen Women’s and Men’s National Soccer teams and Youth Futsal Academy. To learn more about the Karen Football Association and its mission see more below.

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Professional Translation Agency

KFA Digital is proud to partner with UNUHE, a professional translation agency that works with the communities of Burma. UNUHE specializes in language translation and interpretation for the Karen, Karenni, Burmese and Chin communities.

We have had the pleasure to work with UNUHE on many different occasions. They were a key partner in helping with our projects from the Minnesota Department of Health and Ramsey County in Minnesota. Visit their website for more information.

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